Monday, May 3, 2010

A Glimpse of Heaven

Part I: Day Of The Feast
Friday, my family and I took a road trip to Hays, Kansas. Hays is a city close to Wichita. We arrived early in the morning, but I could tell this place was a lot different than Dallas. I saw a gas station named Love's and a bank called Sunflower. I had a good vibe going on about this place. When I got out of my sister's Ford Explorer, my long locks looked like a lion's frizzy puffy hair, and I had a hunch back after sitting down for 9 hours. I had to re-think there for a minute, "now why was I hear again? Oh that's right, I was invited to witness a celebration... my aunt's wedding!" I suddenly began to feel butterflies in my stomach and this feeling of nausea. I caught myself and suddenly took composure. It happens to me every time someone I know is going to get married. I was delighted to be a part of this ceremony!
I believe there is something in the human heart that God has placed whenever a wedding is announced. People get excited and start preparing for the great day. They glance at the "Save the Date" frequently to see if the day is near. Some even start exercising too look good in their outfit. Maybe the Lord placed that feeling in us as a foreshadow of the Day of the Feast when we (the Bride) meet Him (the Groom). We must prepare everyday through our daily actions to meet Him. Sometimes the journey can get overwhelming and tiring, but there is a time that is coming when we will meet our Lord. Oh and What a wonderful day that will be!

Part II: Unanimous
We arrived at the reception and there was a gentleman with a white long sleeve shirt who waved at us to sit at the main table. The servers quickly brought out plates and drinks before us. I saw a woman with a pink dress gesturing to the gentleman to make sure we were all taken care of. The server kindly asked me, "Would you like another plate?" I was as stuffed as a turkey after eating the rice and rich mole. I said, "No mas, gracias." All of my aunt's and her husband's friends were the cooks, the servers, the coordinators, and the janitors. I was amazed at how orderly and smooth the whole reception went. People in Hays help each other in all things. They cooperate whenever someone is in need. The people of Hays remind me of the people in the Book of Acts. "All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had" (Acts 4:32). I would like to see that happening more often in Dallas. People say that only happens in small communities, but I believe it can happen in my church, my community, and in my city. Before Jesus died, he gave a command to love one another and by this all men would know that we are his disciples. (paraphrase from John 13:34) The church needs to be the example to the world. If we are united as the body of Christ, we can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God, and we won't hover our gifts. But we will give freely and people will believe that Christ is in us. Hays gave me a little glimpse of Heaven. I'm sure we'll find Love in every corner and valleys with a beautiful array of sunflowers.

Father, I pray that I won't lose the longing in my heart to meet you one day. I pray that while I prepare for the feast, I'd seek you with all my heart. And Lord, help me to be one who brings unity and promotes love. Amen.

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  1. I totally agree with you sis, seeing how people that weren't part of the family worked so hard for my aunts wedding left an imprint in my heart. I saw GOds serving heart in them. I thought if were all like that you know! Even in Christianity there is seperation (your domination, or independent churches dont come together) we need to unite as the body of Christ. I believe that in the city we tend to become more selfish, envious,competitive and prideful and that kills us because where ther is unity there is Power. Let's pray that God will bring Dallas to its full potential.That we will love, help and serve each other.God will be glorified when we truely humble ourselves before him and leave those things to the side that are not important. God bless you sis and Amen to your word! Alice Montoya Fuentes