Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love In Orange

Today, at 5:30 AM my alarm clock went off. My alarm sound is not the annoying one that sounds like a high pitch ring, but it is a jubilant music tone. But when you’re tired and you’re whole body aches, even the pleasant things seem to not take any effect. When I was walking out the door, my eyes glanced to the kitchen seeking something that would fill my hunger. I saw a big bright orange, and I grabbed it without even thinking about it. All my mind could register in that moment was fruit=healthy. I probably have eaten hundreds of oranges in my life, but this time the orange was different. I grabbed the orange, pressed my nail into the outer covering and began to peel the orange. The orange is surrounded by thick rigid skin, but the texture inside is delicate, soft, and round. Wow! I thought. God is a perfect genius! He took the time to create this fruit in a way that would be convenient for us to eat. He cut the orange in slices and neatly packed them in a circular shape. As I was taking the slices apart, I thought about when I was a little girl, and my mom would cut my food into little pieces. She did it so I could eat the food an easier way, but she ultimately did it because she loves me. Father God expresses His love towards us in so many ways. Matthew 5:45 says, “[F]or He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”Everyday we experience His goodness. I am so glad His love is available to us all, and we can all partake of His affection! The love in orange is only one small token of His Love, but there is much more!

Oh God that you would open my eyes to see more of your goodness! Thank you for your expressing your love through your wondrous works. May I never take for granted all that you've created for me to enjoy.

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